Simazol VS Dyes:

Simazo VS dyes are widely used for exhaust dyeing, cold pad batch process and also in automated batch wise dyeing machines. These are also used for printing by one phase or two phase application method. The range offers very good light and wash fastness. Excellent white effect on dyed grounds by discharge and resist printing method. It has high stability in dry state and neutral solution.

Yellow FG Reactive Yellow 42
Yellow GR Reactive Yellow 15
Yellow GN Reactive Yellow 37
Yellow RTN Reactive Yellow 24
Golden Yellow G Reactive Yellow 17
Golden Yellow R Reactive Yellow 77
Golden Yellow RNL Reactive Orange 107
Orange 3R Reactive Orange 16
Orange CS Reactive Orange 78
Red BB 150% Reactive Red 195
Red 5B Reactive Red 35
Blue HERD Reactive Red 198
Red C2G Reactive Red 106
Reactive Red 45 Reactive Orange 94
Violet 5R Reactive Violet 5
Turquoise Blue Reactive Blue 21
Green GB Reactive Blue 38
Blue R Reactive Blue 19
Blue 3R Reactive Blue 28
Navy Blue Reactive Blue 89
Navy Blue GG Reactive Blue 203
Navy Blue RGB H/Conc. Reactive Blue 250
Black B Reactive Black 5
Black RL Reactive Black 31
Black N-150 Reactive Black (Mix)

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