Reactive HE Dyes:

Reactive HE(High Exhaust) Dyes are optimum quality reactive high exhaust dyes which are highly apt for the dyeing purpose of cellulosic and other cotton materials. We stand a bit above the traditional dyes because of the higher fixation and exhaustion efficiency of the dyes which reduces the cost involved appreciably. Good build up are of particular importance for dyeing polyester and cellulic blends of garments which holds the dye for longer period. As compared to the conventional dyes the wastage too is less which makes us the one among the best HE cotton dye manufacturers.

Yellow HE4G Reactive Yellow 81
Golden Yellow HER Reactive Yellow 84
Golden Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 84
Orange HER Reactive Orange 84
Orange HE2R Reactive Orange 94
Red HE3B Reactive Red 120
Red HE7B Reactive Red 141
Red HE8B Reactive Red 152
Navy Blue HER Reactive Blue 171
Navy Blue HE2R Reactive Blue 172
Green HE4BD Reactive Green 19A
Blue HERD Reactive Blue 160
Black HF6BL Reactive Black

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