Reactive H Dyes:

Reactive H dyes have low substantivity & reactivity due to which, these are widely used in a variety of printing and dyeing applications. Due to low reactivity or fixation with cellulosic material, these monochlorotriazine reactive dyes require more severe conditions. These can be readily applied by dyeing & printing methods on cellulosic material and the powder is easily soluble by pouring 80-85°C water and stirring it well.

Yellow H4G Reactive Yellow 18
Golden Yellow HR Reactive Yellow 12
Orange H2R Reactive Orange 13
Red H6BX Reactive Red 76
Red H8R Reactive Red 31
Purple H3R Reactive Violet 1
Blue H5R Reactive Blue 13
Turquoise Blue H5G Reactive Blue 25
Navy Blue HR Reactive Blue 59
Red Brown H4R Reactive Brown 9
Black HN Reactive Black 8

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