Reactive ME Dyes:

Reactive ME dyes are suitable for dyeing, padding & printing of all types of cellulosic material. They offer high grade of all round fastness properties. They have an advantage of high degree of exhaustion & fixation rates. They offer excellent leveling properties & excellent alkali stability. They give highly reproducible dyeing because of better alkali stability & low sensitivity to temperature.

Yellow ME7GL Reactive Yellow 57A
Yellow ME4GL Reactive Yellow 160
Golden Yellow MERL Reactive Yellow 145
Orange ME2RL Reactive Orange 122
Red ME4BL Reactive Red 195
Red ME6BL Reactive Red 196/250
Red BGF Reactive Red 223
Red RB Reactive Red 198A
Blue BRF Reactive Blue 221
Blue BF Reactive Blue 222
Navy Blue ME2RL Reactive Blue 194
Black HFGR Reactive Black (Mix)

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